Ginger: A Universal Remedy

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A Short History Of Ginger

Although the origin of ginger has been debated for many years, the earliest documented uses for it first appear in both India and China over five thousand years ago.  Now that’s a long time! It was traditionally used in Chinese medicine to warm up the body, protect it from illness and treat fatigue and a lack of energy. Over in India however, ginger was used as an Ayurvedic spice to aid digestion and ease joint discomfort, however, it was called vishwabheshaja which translates to ‘the universal medicine’, a spice to cure all things in life!


The Many Benefits Of Ginger

Today, ginger is still known as a fantastic natural solution for speeding up digestion and fighting infection. Ginger contains gingerol, a natural oil responsible for both the strong flavour and fragrance and what is now known to contain amazing health benefits, one being an awesome number of antioxidants. These antioxidants are natural materials responsible for protecting your body against free radicals (unstable molecules which can damage cells) and can help to delay and slow any damage that may already have been caused – yes, please! Gingerol also has been acknowledged for preventing nausea and vomiting and is a widely recommended natural relief remedy for morning sickness.

How To Incorporate Ginger into Your Diet

As ginger is fantastic for protecting cells, don’t just digest ginger, but apply it directly to your skin as well. Our organic Ginger Powder makes for a fantastic addition to a homemade facemask to remove toxins and revitalise skin cells, leaving you looking younger for longer! To ingest for maximum results, mix some of our Ginger Powder with hot water for a relaxing tea, or add it to both savoury or sweet treats for a spicy kick and mean nutritional punch!


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