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Looking Back in History

Dates were first documented in Middle Eastern ancient history, however, the exact origin is yet to be confirmed - we’ll leave that up to someone else! Grown on date palms, these plants are believed to be one of the oldest cultivated trees in the world. Once called the ‘Tree of Life’ in ancient Middle Eastern civilisations, date palms grew in abundance with the fruit used both for medicinal purposes and nourishment - an ancient take on a two-for-one special!


So How Does Date Powder Benefit Us Now?

Apart from being a deliciously healthy sweet treat, dates are a fantastic source of vitamins A and K. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient responsible for protecting your corneas and eyes and is also widely known as retinol. Avid skincare enthusiasts will be very familiar with retinol, with health benefits including increased collagen production and the reduced appearance of wrinkles. That’s right, dates can help you look younger for longer! The high levels of vitamin K in our Date Powder promotes the production of proteins responsible for blood clotting and aids in the building of bones, helping you stand stronger and heal faster, because why waste time getting better when you could already be better?


Adding Date Powder to Your Day

Incredible as a 1:1 ratio swap for refined white and brown sugars, don’t be afraid to use our Date Powder in their place for greater flavour and health benefits. Due to being a fibrous fruit, it fully won’t dissolve or melt, but when hidden in cakes, you wouldn’t even know! If added to smoothies or drinks, there will be some residue that collects down the bottom but don’t be alarmed, this can be consumed and taste fantastic!


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