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The Origin of Ashwagandha

Dating back to as early as 6000 BC, ashwagandha powder has played a major role in Ayurvedic remedies in both India and Pakistan. Commonly referred to as the ‘Indian ginseng’, or the ‘King of Herbs’, ashwagandha has also since been traced back as playing an important role in traditional Chinese medicine. Celebrated for its rejuvenating properties, this nutrient-dense root has historically been used to enhance sleep, relieve stress, and boost cognitive function. They could have made it easier to pronounce though!


Why Ashwagandha Has Been Labelled a Superfood

Due to being one of the most powerful natural remedies in Ayurvedic medicine to this day, ashwagandha is prized as an incredible superfood, especially for the heart. That’s something we absolutely love! Our Ashwagandha Powder helps your body to lower stress and anxiety levels, regulate cholesterol, and support muscle strength – all important elements of a healthy heart. Due to its relaxing properties, ashwagandha also improves sleep quality, protects the brain from toxins, and can reduce the chances of stroke. Now that is something we certainly support.


How To Integrate Ashwagandha Powder into Your Meals

To best balance the natural bitterness of our organic Ashwagandha powder, add to hot drinks (especially sweet ones) to mask the strength as opposed to consuming just in warm water or milk. With an earthy taste as well, you can hide this herb in both sweet and savoury treats or desserts – no one will know they’re consuming a superfood when you’re done cheffing up a masterpiece in the kitchen! No really, don’t be put off by the taste of Ashwagandha Powder on its own, think about how you can get creative to enjoy a regular intake for maximum health benefits – you’ll fall in love with it quickly!


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