What is Organicule?

In this day and age most of the food that we consume are adulterated and processed. At Organicule, we provide raw, high quality, non-GMO organic products. 

Our superfoods are packed with nutrition providing your body plenty of nourishments which has a positive effect on your body. A small change in your eating choices can make a huge difference to your health, wellness and balance of your body mind and soul. 

Our superoils are 100% natural plant-based oils sources sustainably all over the globe that has amazing natural composition and nutrient profile that will have an amazing effect on your face, body and hair. 

Purity in every molecule


Why Organicule Superfoods?

Superfoods have been enjoyed for thousands of years in their true essence and that tradition continues to this day. All Organicule's superfoods are organic, GMO-free, kosher, gluten free, vegan and filled with positive energy that your body will love.

We hope that you'll love our superfoods as much as we do and that our brand will inspire you to live life and feel alive. Include these easy to use superfoods in your diet and feel the amazing benefits of these nutri-dense foods come alive.


Are all of Organicule's Superfoods Certified Organic?

All of our superfoods are certified organic except our Spirulina and Chlorella. Organicule Spirulina & Chlorella are actually organic but not in the way that most people are familiar with the term. The reason for this is because the classification “organic,” differs between agriculture and aquaculture. For more details, please check our Spirulina & Chlorella FAQ for details on this.


Are all your superfoods non-GMO?

Yes, all of our products are non-GMO.


Are all your superfoods Gluten Free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten free.


Are all your superfoods Vegan?

Yes, all of our products are Vegan.


Are your superfoods raw?

Yes, all of our products are raw. We work with our farmers to ensure that none of our products are heated over 115 Fahrenheit. Any processing that is necessary takes place at low temperatures to ensure that all vital nutrients are protected and preserved.


How should your superfoods be stored?

Refrigeration is not necessary for most products and they should be kept in a cool, dark, dry place. Do check the storage information on the label for each product.


Why Organicule Superoils?

These superoils have been enjoyed for thousands of years all over the world by native communities for their amazing benefits to their skin and hair. We at Organicule wanted to bring these amazing beauty secrets to Organicule family so they too can enjoy and benefit from these oils. Unlike the products that are available in the market, all these oils offer our consumers a natural alternative to their beauty regime and overall wellbeing. Organicule  is committed to conducting all our business in an ethical, socially responsible way and selling only pure, sustainably sourced natural oils of the highest quality.


How should your superoils be stored?

Store the superoils at room temperature and always replace the lid to limit contact with air. Store the superoils in the dark bottle given for maximum shelf life.


What is the shelf life of your superfoods & superoils?

All of our products have a “best before” date and most of our products have a shelf life of 12-36 months. However do check the best before date written at the bottom of the jar. 


Is it safe to consume superfoods or use your superoils after their expiration date? 

In most cases yes, but it is not recommended.


Do you accept refunds?

Yes, we want all of consumers to be happy with the products they buy from us. If you have any complaints or are not satisfied with your order, please do get in touch with us at


When will I receive my order and what are your delivery costs?

We are offering our Organiculers a flat shipping rate of RM 5 for peninsula Malaysia and RM 10 for east Malaysia. However, if your order is above RM 100, then we are giving you FREE shipping within Malaysia. Our small way of saying THANK YOU to you.


Can I blend the Superfoods in your range together?

All of our Superfoods are 100% compatible with each other! We’d love to hear of any creations that you come up with! Who knows, we may even feature them on our recipe section!


How much of the Superfood should I take?

The recommended dosage varies from Superfood to Superfood, each individual product page contains this information as does on the packaging. How is Organicule’s superfood different from other superfoods? Here at Organicule we spend a lot of time in choosing the source of our products to ensure that they are of very high quality.

Our products are tested with the relevant agencies to ensure they meet the criteria. All our products are 100% natural, non-GMO, raw and without any nasties. As consumers ourselves, we want to make sure you, our Organiculers, get all the goodness from our superfoods and feel the life transforming benefits that we have experienced.



Are Organicule's products Halal?

All our products are made in a facility that is free of any meat and alcohol. We are currently working on obtaining our Halal certification, so stay tuned!


How long do deliveries take?

All orders are dispatched on the same day if ordered before 1pm Malaysian time or next working day if after 1 pm Malaysian time (Monday – Friday) or if it is a public holiday. For more information, click on delivery information. You will receive the tracking information once your order has been shipped.


Do you offer international shipping?

We are currently only shipping within of Malaysia. For all Singapore orders, please visit our store in Lazada SG and Shopee SG. We are working on spreading our reach to other regions, so stay tuned!