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Taking A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Discovered over two thousand years ago, cordyceps mushrooms have been a staple in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Believed to be a fantastic source of energy, it made its first documented appearance as far back as 1760 AD. Cordyceps mushrooms were administered to support immune health, and increase overall vitality and endurance – effects we would all love to gain!


Uses For Health Benefits Today

Best consumed as our concentrated Cordyceps Mushroom Powder, the caterpillar-like mushroom has some incredible health benefits for such a small fungus (don’t worry vegan friends, no actual caterpillars are contained within the powder!). Kidney function has been shown to improve upon consuming cordyceps due to its fantastic supply of antioxidants. It also massively helps to support the heart by aiding blood circulation and decreasing metabolic dysfunction issues. We’re pumped for that kind of partnership! Lastly (and probably our favourite), cordyceps have brilliant anti-aging properties, supporting brain health and improving memory. Now that is something we won’t ever forget!


How To Add Our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder To Your Routine

Don’t be shy to add our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder to your hot drinks for a brilliantly calming effect. Whilst it has some bitter and earthy notes, it also has an element of sweetness about it, making it easy to disguise for optimal health and wellness perks. Add to soups and broths to deepen the flavour, or dust into smoothies and juices for an extra pick me up! Superfoods don’t have to be bland, so don’t be afraid to utilise the flavour, or disguise it if required to gain optimal health benefits with little to no effort. Gone are the days of working too hard for your ideal health results!

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