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We’re giving you a simple side-by-side comparison of our four magnificent mushroom powders, so let’s dive into how reishi, cordyceps, Lion’s mane and Chaga mushrooms differ.



Looks Like: a red-brown, kidney-shaped flat top ‘shroom on a thick stem reaching sometimes more than thirty centimetres in diameter!

It Tastes: a little bitter with an earthy undertone, perfect for disguising in hot drinks.

Benefits: include supporting the immune system. Reishi is celebrated for its adaptogenic properties, so it is perfect to improve sleep quality and lessen fatigue.



Looks Like: caterpillars! Small in size, these narrow yellow or orange mushrooms are on average only a few centimetres long, but pack an incredible nutritional punch.

They Taste: similar to reishi with an earthy and slightly bitter palate, but finish with a final note of sweetness.

Benefits: are not limited to strengthening kidney and immune function, providing anti-inflammatory properties to organs, and helping to regulate sleep patterns when used regularly.


Lion’s Mane

Looks Like: a beautiful white cloud of shaggy spines, much like the mane of an actual lion! They can average from ten to twenty-five centimetres long and are most often found growing on hardwoods.

It Tastes: seafood-like, with a similar meaty texture. It is often used as a vegan alternative to crab and lobster.

Benefits: consist of calming the mind with its adaptogenic properties, whilst simultaneously boosting cognitive function.



Looks Like: chunks of burnt charcoal on the outside but showcases a brilliant burnt orange centre.

It Tastes: as some say, a bit nutty with a vanilla essence in between the earthy and bitter top notes, so perfect for adding to hot drinks for calming moments.

Benefits: comprise of easing inflammation to aid arthritis, lowering blood pressure levels, and it may even slow the progression of cancer cells.


And there you have it! Not as confusing as it all sounds, so go ahead and choose the right Mushroom Powder for your needs, or, why not grab them all for the ultimate cocktail of health and wellness!

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