Baobab: The Tree of Life

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The History of The Baobab

Pre-dating human life on earth, baobab trees are believed to have possibly been around since the start of the world’s creation. With seven African species and one Australian, the baobab tree was coined ‘the tree of life’ due to its many uses over time; a hollow trunk provided shelter, threadlike bark was used as cloth and rope, and both the fruit and leaves doubled as medicine and nourishment. Now that’s a jack of all trades if ever there was one! Baobab fruit, leaves and bark were believed to be a remedy for preventing and curing common colds and fevers but also contained fantastic anti-inflammatory properties.


Modern-Day Benefits of Baobab Powder

Baobab Powder is now produced from the fruit of the tree and has been discovered to contain a wide variety of vitamins, and health and wellness properties. With up to eight times more vitamin C than oranges, incorporating our organic Baobab Powder into your everyday practice will help keep your connective tissue healthy, protect your cells against harmful ‘free radical’ molecules, and aid in the body’s absorption of iron. And that’s all from only one of the many nutrients! Being naturally low in fat and high in fibre, your digestive system will thank you endlessly for keeping it healthy and keeping things moving!


Incorporating Baobab Powder into Your Diet

With a subtle citrus flavour, our Baobab Powder is perfect when added to juices and smoothies for an extra fruity kick. Blend into baked goods, or sprinkle over cereals and porridge for a fun tang on the top of your tongue. Superfoods don’t need to be boring anymore, so don’t be afraid to get creative and push the boundaries of the past - they’re waiting for your creative genius to be unleashed!


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