Chlorella: Small Green Alga

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A Brief History

A more recent discovery than our Ayurvedic counterparts, but still holds an incredible about of essential goodness, chlorella is a small green plant discovered in 1890 (not to be confused with a similar alga, spirulina). The name chlorella comes from the Greek word chloros (green) and the Latin word ella (small), with its literal translation meaning green alga. Although it was more recently discovered, chlorella has since been studied and understood to have been around for approximately two billion years. It has been responsible for supporting the life of many species on earth, both land and sea animals. Not bad for a superfood that can’t be seen in singular form by the naked eye!


Health Benefits of The Petite Plant

Naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, chlorella is fantastic at helping to lower triglycerides for a balanced cholesterol level. With high levels of vitamins C and A, your body will love the effects of the antioxidant properties of both these nutrients, which protect your cells from free radical molecules. They also are fantastic for ocular health, protecting important structures in the eye, such as the cornea. That’s results we love to see! With zinc as another abundant mineral, your body will reap the benefits of helping damaged tissue to heal, the growth of cells, and even a healthy immune system.


How To Gain the Full Benefits Of Chlorella

With a subtle seaweed taste and aroma, our organic Chlorella Powder can be easily disguised in juices and smoothie bowls, adding a vibrant green colour to wow others and even yourself! Incorporate into savoury meals for a little extra flavour, or just to reap the rewards of this incredible superfood – don’t be afraid to experiment and see how easy it can be to an extra nutrient boost with no effort required!


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