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Deepavali Bundle Sale

Deepavali Bundle Sale

Enrich your Ramadan with authentic nutrition

We bring to you our most essential powders that will take your Sahur and Iftar meals to a new level. Sourced from their indigenous place of growth, these bundles will give you the perfect balance of super nutrition and rich taste.


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SAHUR Bundle

Cacao Powder | Maca Powder | Pumpkin Seeds

This bundle has the perfect nutrition for your pre-dawn meal. We’ve sourced these super powders from their indigenous place of growth to give you pure and rich levels of magnesium, phosphorous, immunity boosting properties and a flavour profile that’ll give you the energy to get through the entire day.



+ Free 2 Beauty Oils!

IFtar Bundle

Cacao Nibs with Yacon | Beetroot Powder | Moringa Powder

This bundle contains nutrition that’s vital for breaking your fast. We sourced these super powders from India, Peru and Croatia, to give you the highest levels of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, calcium, iron, alongside a rich flavour that will make your meal extraordinary.



+ Free 2 Beauty Oils!