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The Maca plant, a plant that is grown in the Andes mountains of Peru and whose root can be dried and ground up into a fine powder, has been used by locals for millennia and for a variety of reasons. However, the plant has recently come into the limelight for the most – and naughty – reason.


It’s the ability to enhance libido, improve stamina, and increase fertility.


Bet you’re quite interested now, aren’t you?





This natural aphrodisiac comes from the Maca plant (Lepidium meyenii) and is also called Peruvian ginseng in some circles.


The maca plant is a cruciferous vegetable – it’s related to broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale – that grows exclusively in the central Andes mountain at altitudes of 4000m to 4500m. It is one of Peru’s major products.

The part of the maca plant that has caught the interest of the world in recent times is the roots, which can be of different colors – white, black, red, and yellow.


The maca root is usually dried and ground, but it’s also available in capsules and as an extract.


The benefits of maca powder are vast, but the colors of the root actually play a part in the nutritional value. For instance, the red Maca doesn’t increase sperm production but has the highest efficacy at reducing enlarged prostrates. Yellow Maca is the readily available one.


For now, we’ll look at the general benefits of Maca root powder


  1. It May Increase Libido

As you age, you may notice that your desire for sex may reduce. Don’t panic, it’s natural. Maca powder has been scientifically proven to increase libido when ingested by both men and women.


  1. It Can Serve as an Energy Booster

Maca root powder is rich in carbohydrates, which helps fuel the brain and muscles and reduces exhaustion during strenuous exercises.


  1. It may Enhance Fertility in Men

It has been discovered that Maca may be capable of improving sperm quantity and motility, which are essential factors for fertility in men.


  1. It may Soothe Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is usually associated with mood swings, diminished sexual function, and sometimes high blood pressure in women. Taking regular doses of Maca may relieve some of these symptoms.


  1. It may Improve Your Mood

Some people who have taken Maca, add that they feel jittery and alert afterward. It is believed that this is caused by flavonoids – mood enhancers – present in the powder.


How to Use Maca Powder

Maca powder is a newcomer to the world of superfoods, so the science on it is limited. However, natives suggest you don’t take Maca raw. Instead, try adding a teaspoon in your latte or smoothie. Don’t make it hot, though! That’ll burn away the nutrients. You can add it to other no-bake treats too.


You see, you don’t need to be swallowing oyster after oyster. Aphrodisiacs don’t need to be disgusting. All you need is a bottle of maca powder to get you going. Enjoy yourself!


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