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Why Reishi Mushroom Powder is the Natural Immune Boost You're Looking For 

Fungus isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of optimal health. However, over the past decade, tremendous research has been done on the surprising  advantages of mushrooms. The Reishi Mushroom has been one of those ancient medicines to prove itself to modern science. Its effects on the body include immune support, cancer prevention, and overall anti-aging benefits. By incorporating Reishi Mushroom powder, you can enjoy one of nature's most effective medicines. No forest scavenging required.  

Reishi Powder

What is Reishi Mushroom powder?  

Reishi mushrooms are also known as Lingzhi and have been used in Asia for medicinal benefits for hundreds of years. In the wild, they have a bright large, fanned appearance and grow on dead or dying trees. Although its presence in nature is rare, occurring in about 2 of every 10,000 trees, it can be cultivated on logs, sawdust, and wood chips. It is then ground and  made into a powder or tincture and added to many different foods and remedies.  


Reishi Benefit

Reishi Mushroom powder Benefits 

Anti Aging  

One benefit of Reishi powder is its anti-aging effects. In China, it is referred to as the mushroom of immortality because of its life-preserving properties. Who doesn't like the sound of that? Reishi contains beta-glucan polysaccharides, which help your skin retain water. Hydration is essential in maintaining clear skin, fighting off wrinkles, and new cell regeneration. It is shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce stress levels, both significant factors in aging.  

Immunity support  

If the "mushroom of immortality" title didn't impress you, studies have shown that consuming Reishi mushrooms boost your immune system. They directly affect the production of white  blood cells, which are responsible for fighting off infection. This assistance to your body's defense decreases the severity in some individuals with allergies, asthma, and auto-immune diseases. In Traditional Chinese medicine, Lingzhi was also consumed because of its effects on qi, the force field that protects the body's vitality as a whole. In today's world, maintaining a healthy immune system is at the top of our to-do list.  


According to a study, when Reishi was given alongside radiation/chemotherapy, patients were 50% more likely to respond positively to treatment compared to those given chemo/radiation alone. Cancer patients receiving Reishi showed the expected increases in immune cells known to enhance tumour response and stimulate host immunity. It has been seen as exceptionally helpful in those with colon and prostate cancer. 


Reishi Coffee

How to use Reishi Mushroom powder  

Reishi powder can be easily worked into your current diet, even if you don't like mushrooms on your pizza. Many people incorporate the powder into drinks like coffee and tea. If it's too bitter,  you can try mixing it with sweeteners and creams to make sort of a latte. Smoothies and shakes also are an easy way to incorporate Reishi powder. Finally, many online recipes can be round using the superfood as an invisible addition to desserts and dinners. 

Even the pickiest eaters will find it as easy as taking a daily vitamin. Try adding Reishi mushroom powder into your regime to see for yourself. They may not be psychedelic, but they're definitely an enlightening experience for your body. 


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