The “Magical” Powers of P...

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The “Magical” Powers of Pumpkin Protein


We’re not quite sure whether the pumpkin is a fruit or a vegetable – kidding – we are. Science says it’s a fruit, but lots of people think this ball of orange goodness is a vegetable.

Well, one thing we’re sure of is that pumpkins are absolutely nutritious and an excellent source of protein. Never heard of pumpkin protein? Do read on, and you’d definitely include it in your meals.



Pumpkin protein is gotten from the pumpkin fruit of the squash family. This protein can be found in its fleshy, yellow insides, and most especially in its seed.

Just one cup of pumpkin flesh can give up to 2 grams of protein with a minute accompaniment of carbs, unlike most legumes.

The “Magical” Powers of Pumpkin Protein

But the VIPs of pumpkin protein are pumpkin seeds.

These delicious nuggets, though small in size, are giant reservoirs of protein. Did you know that your body needs protein to balance its pH level, perform metabolic reactions, repair tissues, and transport nutrients from cell to cell?

That’s a lot of work.

And a mere 100grams of unsalted and raw seeds contain approximately 35 grams of protein. Amazing, isn’t it?

What’s truly amazing is that 2 scoops (1 serving = 28 grams) of organic pumpkin seed protein powder give 18.2g of protein!

The best pumpkin protein powder is obtained by cold-pressing the seeds and the grinding the produced cake.

Protein powder derived from the pumpkin seeds are better than other kinds of proteins because:

  • It is completely kosher
  • It has a much pleasant taste
  • It is completely plant-based
  • It carries a lot of magnesium and manganese
  • It is high in fiber
  • It is quite easy to add to your diet

No wonder pumpkin protein powder is the go-to protein for vegans and vegetarians who wish to increase their protein intake! So, if you want more plant-based protein and you’re tired of beans and peas, why not add delicious pumpkin powder to your meals instead.

And that’s not all.

 Other nutritional benefits of pumpkin protein include the fact that:

  • It is high in beta-carotene which fights off free radicals that destroy cells
  • Its antioxidant properties protect the skin and eye from sun damage
  • It is also high in Vitamin C which helps boost white blood cell production
  • It has a low-calorie content, which makes it the ideal protein supplement when trying to lose weight
  • The fiber content aids in digestion

See? We weren’t lying when we said it’s almost magical.

And because we can’t say this enough – It is super easy to add to your diet.

You could add a pumpkin powder to your glass of milk or yogurt and blend it for your delicious pumpkin protein powder shake.  You can even make pumpkin powder protein bars – yum.

If you’re still unsure about where to get your quick protein from, let’s save you the stress… get pumpkin protein powder and spot the difference.


 The “Magical” Powers of Pumpkin Protein


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