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Matcha Spirulina Chia Pudding Papaya Boats by SSAYANG

Matcha Spirulina Chia Pudding Papaya Boats by SSAYANG

I decided to have a little fun and let you guys choose what you wanted for my next recipe. Through my IG polls you guys chose—spirulina over chlorella, sweet over savoury, breakfast over a snack/dessert and something fast over something fancy. A few of you also asked for something with matcha and plant-based proteins, so here we have it—Matcha Spirulina Chia Pudding Papaya Boats! Yes, they’re a little extra but don’t be fooled. It’s a super easy recipe and a great make-ahead breakfast for mornings you need something quick.

Matcha Spirulina Chia Pudding Papaya Boats by SSAYANG


Chia seeds pack a powerful nutritional punch and are loaded with fibre, protein, healthy fats, calcium and several other minerals and vitamins. One of the best sources of fibre in the world, these little seeds are 40% fibre by weight, meaning they can help you feel full for longer. Gram for gram, their calcium content is also higher than most dairy products and they are a good source of phosphorus, magnesium and protein, nutrients which are considered to be important for bone health.

Other benefits chia seeds have include helping balance blood sugar levels and being able to provide sustainable energy. It’s easy to see why these seeds have taken the health world by storm and making chia pudding is one of my favourite ways to use them. With less than a minutes of prep time the night before, it’s my go-to recipe for an effortlessly healthy breakfast or snack.

What else is in the chia pudding?

I decided to turn my chia pudding up a notch by adding a few of my favourite superfoods for an extra boost of nutrients as well as that natural, gorgeous green colour. Here are some of the main benefits of the superfoods in it:

Matcha: an antioxidant powerhouse with anti-ageing properties. It also boosts metabolism, naturally detoxifies the body and calms the mind.

Spirulina: one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world, which helps boost stamina. A good source of plant-based protein, high in iron, copper, and B vitamins.

Baobab: rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre (making it a powerful prebiotic).

Hemp hearts: a complete plant-based protein containing all 9 essential amino acids. Also rich in healthy fats and various minerals.



Matcha Spirulina Chia Pudding Papaya Boats by SSAYANG


With a sweet, musky taste similar to honey, papaya is a seriously underrated fruit local to Southeast Asia and a true superfood. The bright orange fleshy fruit has a fantastic antioxidant profile and is a rich source of Vitamins A and C, making it great for eye health, boosting immunity and helping protect the body against inflammation. But the main reason I love it, especially in the morning, is because it’s great for digestion. Papaya contains the enzyme, papain, which can help make protein easier to digest, alleviate bloating and regulate bowel.

Of course, you don’t need to serve the chia pudding in the papaya, but it’s such a great combo and a fun way to turn something simple, into something more sophisticated! Remember if you’d like to try out the superfoods I used in this recipe, you can get them from Organicule Superfoods (who are now also shipping to Singapore!)  And if you give this ago, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram,—I can’t wait to see your creations.

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