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Guide to My Favourite Superfood Powders - Benefits, Tips & How to Use Them

Guide to My Favourite Superfood Powders - Benefits, Tips & How to Use Them

I’ve been using superfoods for years—it all started when my dad introduced me to spirulina as a source of plant-based protein and iron after I turned vegetarian. Since then I’ve loved experimenting with using different superfoods to boost my everyday meals. I get asked quite a lot about them, so I thought I’d do a basic guide to a few of my favourite superfood powders from a local Malaysian brand, Organicule Superfoods. Here’s a round up of why I use each superfood, tips for using them and recipes you can try them in.



Before we begin, it would make sense to clarify what a superfood actually is. While there is no exact definition, ‘superfood’ is a term loosely used to describe foods that are extremely nutrient-rich, with an exceptionally high content of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They usually have health-promoting properties such as preventing the risk of diseases or improving aspects of physical or emotional health. Are they a cure all? Definitely not! However they are a great way to supplement a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle to boost overall health.

Bear in mind superfood powders are usually potent and only small quantities are needed for a powerful effect. Most superfoods also usually lose some of their benefits when exposed to heat, with exception to maca powder, which I personally digest better when taken cooked.



I’ve been buying superfood products from iHerb or imported brands for years, so when I heard of Organicule Superfoods I was over the moon to see a trustworthy local brand now selling them in Malaysia. My favourite thing about the Organicule products is that they are all high quality and USDA certified organic.* Because they work directly with producers, their products are also extremely affordable!

*with the exception of Spirulina and Chlorella, where naturally occurring nitrate is needed to cultivate the algae which is why they are better when classified as ‘natural’ rather than ‘organic’.

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