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When we talk of all-rounder sources of nutrients, you have to include the baobab. It just has to be there. 

Now, why would we think so?

It’s simple.

There’s almost nothing that goes to waste on the baobab tree. The bark, the trunk that holds water, the fruits and seeds – all these are excellent sources of nutrients and have various uses.

It’s no wonder that it is called ‘the tree of life” in the African countries blessed by its growth.

Today we’re going to take a look at one product gotten from this magnificent tree – baobab seed oil – and we’re going to learn how we can benefit from its richness.

About Baobab Seed Oil

Image by Theme Inn from Unsplash

Baobab seed oil is gotten from the cold-pressed seeds of the baobab tree, which grows in certain southern countries of Africa like Malawi and Madagascar.

The luxurious golden oil extract is rich in nutrients that are very beneficial to your body, especially your skin.

What baobab oil does for You

The benefits of baobab oil are numerous.

It is an organic and plant-based moisturizer filled with Vitamins – specifically A and E – and antioxidants that can be really absorbed into your skin without clogging your pores. Its combo of fatty acids helps moisturize, repair damaged skin, and generally improves your skin texture when used topically.

But it’s not all about the skin. Baobab oil, though a special treat for your skin, has so many other uses too. Curious? Let’s look at a few.

  • Baobab oil is a super hair conditioner, volumizer, and softener. A little amount of heated baobab oil in your hair mask can protect it from sun damage while repairing those strands that are damaged.


  • It’s also a great lip balm. Applying a small amount regularly can repair and refresh chapped lips, giving you a full, lush pout.


  • Got any scars or nasty marks? Baobab oil just might be able to fade that away and smoothen the creased skin.


  • The clearing effect also applies to stretch marks too. This is because antioxidants in baobab oil help you preserve collagen – which gives your skin its elasticity and prevents wrinkles.


  • Bet you didn’t know you could use baobab oil as massage therapy – not only is it pleasant for your skin, it also relieves fatigue.


  • If you’ve got a little toothache, maybe baobab oil can be of help. It’s been used by locals to soothe inflamed gums and strengthen the teeth. This is the Omega-3 working, these kinds of fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory qualities


  • The vitamin E in baobab oil ensures that your cells live longer by protecting them from oxidative damage – it’s like rust but for the cells.



Other benefits of baobab seed oil include its ability to stimulate nail growth and strengthen your cardiovascular system. The calcium content also makes for stronger bone and teeth! Baobab oil is the right choice for all your hair maintenance, anti-aging, and general nutrition needs. It truly packs an impressive nutritional portfolio.

With all these superpowers and more, what are you waiting for? You should be getting your own supply of baobab oil while stocks last. Don’t delay, your wellness is not far away; shop with us today.

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