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Beautify Bundle

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Product Description

Sourced from India, Brazil and South Africa

Beauty starts in the kitchen. We know that Protein, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and good old-fashioned H2O are paramount in producing clear and glowing skin, shiny and resilient hair, and strong, healthy nails. And that’s what you get, plus a lot more, in this handpicked bundle.

Box Content

1 X Moringa Powder 200grams
1 X Baobab Powder 300grams
1 X Acai Berry Powder 100grams


Moringa Powder
Native to India, Moringa plant leaves are one of the most nutrient dense plants on earth. It is known as the Miracle Tree as it contains over 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 20 kinds of amino acids, potassium, calcium, iron & more. It is known to balance the blood sugar levels and boost the immunity in a person. Moringa leaves helps our body maintain its optimum health and balance.

Boabab Powder
The Baobab Tree: Africa's Iconic Tree of Life. Native to African savannah, it is a symbol of life and positivity in a landscape where little can thrive. The fruit of Baobab is sustainably harvested from the wild. It is eaten to boost health & vitality. Baobab powder contains high levels of vitamin C, anti-oxidants, calcium, magnesium, potassium, dietary fibres and prebiotics.

Acai Berry
Acai Berries, indigenous to Brazil, are one of the planet's most remarkable and nutritious fruits. They naturally possess Vitamin A & E and phytonutrients like polyphenols. Polyphenols help to protect tissues from oxidative stress, a key element of normal aging. The nutrients in Acai also help support a healthy immune response and a proper defence against typical biological stress. Organicule Acai Berries are 100% organic & is wild harvested by cooperatives and the variety chosen has higher antioxidant count and lower fat level.

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